• Alexi Bobolia and Marc Ferlo's Project

  • Posted on January 30, 2016
  • In 2004, Alexi Bobolia and Marc Ferlo founded a company called Aurora Exterior Painting. This is a successful firm that set high standards for quality. Their work has consistently placed them as a leader of the house exterior painting industry. Aurora Exterior Painting has consistently been able to deliver to Massachusetts homeowners the sort of exterior painting services they were seeking.

    People want to see that their home's value is protected. This is an essential part of being a homeowner, either protecting its value or increasing it. Exterior painting is such an important part of that, so increasingly people are turning to Aurora Exterior Painting for help with home exterior painting. They have significant experience, having been around for more than ten years.

    Every single painter who works with Aurora Exterior Painting is trained on how to do the job the right way. As a company, they have worked to create a dynamic in which hard work and commitment to excellence are held aloft as the highest values. Their crews work hard and are efficient with their time. This helps Aurora Exterior Painting to provide high quality services while keeping costs down. This is why people from Littleton and Worcester to Acton and Holden have sought out the home painting services of Aurora Exterior Painting.

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